26 February 2008

Nothing is Decided!

Hello every one. I had a brilliant holiday in NY, and I have also been accepted into at least 1 of my University courses that I applied to. (have not heard from others yet)

However I am not making any decisions brashly. I have this confident, calm feeling that the right choice is going to present itself to me when the decision is ready to be made, and no sooner. So I am considering all my options. Reflecting, attempting to meditate, and waiting, until I'm ready to choose (hopefully before Nov.)

I will say that so far Glasgow Uni has accepted me into a Joint Honours Masters degree in Theatre Production, and Film Studies (with a specialisation in Directing for film, and Stage).

I had the most amazing time in NY, and learned so much about the city, and myself that I have a lot of reflection to do. I am planning to do a big post all about it, but I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to make the pictures go. So I guess thank you for your patience. I promise to get it up soon.

Tons of Love to you all!!!

18 February 2008

Happy Late Valentines!!!!!

I decided this year I was taking Valentines back. There are many different forms of love and I dont see why Valentines should be reserved for the Romantic stuff. I drew a special love heart on my black board and decided I would play cupid for the day.

I made home made Valentines for all my friends, and I spend the day dropping off cheesy cards, and bundles of chocolate kisses. All the while wearing my skirt dotted with love hearts, and my love heart jewlery set.

I got some funny looks but I had a great day. Also included in that was a series of Valentines Txts sent out to my traditional distribution list.

The txts were as follows:

Roses are Red Violets are Blue
this is the 1st Valentines txt
from me to you!
Happy Valentines!!!! Xx Xx Xx

A naughty Limerick for Valentines:
There once was a pirate from Spain
Who liked dancing while drinking Champagne
He fell on his cutlass
Which made him nutless
And now from Wenching he must abstain

Why you are so important to me:
Around you I can be me, crazy and silly
I know you will laugh but wont think any less of me
If you look into my eyes I feel like you can see my soul
When we hang out my world becomes whole.
When I laugh, cry, or smile it can touch your soul
Every thing we do becomes a memory.
Thats why you are so important to me.

Well at the end of a brilliant holiday there is ony one important thing to say to you, who is so close to me. I love you, sleep well, and sweet dreams. Xx Xx Xx

***I did get a few lovely or interesting txts in return as well.

From my cheeky best mate David:
There was a wee Lassie, Clarice
Whoes Lymericks were utter pish.
I know she means well
But it's poetry fae hell.
So we'll all give you're poems a miss. ;) xx

Mom's was a touch sweeter:
Beloved daughter, when you were born I was amazed and thrilled that I 'd been given a daughter. You were my Septemeber Valentine and as precious as diamonds. Today you have reminded me how lucky I am to have you in my life. I love you. Madre XXXOOOXXX

All in all it was a lovely day!