23 February 2009

Unemployed Confidence

Hello every one. OK so its been a year since I've posted. Yea... OK... that's terrible. Well there is way to much to update you in one go, so I will give you the important ones. I have a new boyfriend, I'm going traveling all around Europe within a years time, and I'm very very happy with my life right now.

So What have I been doing recently? Not a lot, I'm unemployed. However I have been learning some interesting things about myself. 1) I have a great many skills that can be used in a variety of jobs. I am very skilled in office work, call center, sales, hospitality, drama, dance, and I just had an interview for an ABS crew man...(able bodied seaman) I would just love to put that on my CV. I am giving private tuition in both drama and dance and absolutely loving it. It doesn't pay my bills but it is fairly regular and counts for about 25% of my total income. I have been temping at all sorts of places for the last 4 weeks including BMW, and leaving every place I have been with a small whole they didn't know they had. I am looking forward to returning to my seasonal Tour guide job in March, and will be happy to be reunited with many of my friends there.

2) No matter what I do, I seem to make a lasting impression on the people whom I am working with. My students all adore me, and I feel very close to all of them. My workmates at the tours miss me desperately, and every temp assignment I have had mentioned a sorrow at the end of my contract. I have always been nice, and I would think generally sociable (if not a bit shy). I think I'm just finally learning to share it with people outside of the family and flatmate circle. So that is a very good sign. Something I have needed to learn since high school.

3) It doesn't matter to me what I grow up to be, or how much I make, so long as I'm working with people I love, doing a job that I adore, and leaving with a good reputation behind me. I have discovered that I don't have to sell myself as an office slave, or settle for the 9-5 because I can make it on my own doing what I love. Being unemployed in the middle of a recession for 6 weeks is not fun or easy, but I managed, and now know that I always will. Not only did I manage, but I am still doing what I love, working toward a career in the arts, and leaving every one I meet with a warm feeling at having gotten to know me.

This is a huge realisation for me because its about the confidence to be able to travel, go into the theater world, back to NY, or what and where ever I want, and knowing that I will be OK. I have a bag of tricks (as my drama teacher use to call it) and I'm learning how to use them.