6 February 2010

Blois day 2 and then back to Paris

Sadly today will be picture free as I am in a cafe with out my laptop. Its a shame because I have lots of beautiful shots of the Chateau in Blois. Also worth a note, French keboards are totally backwards!!!!

However I have had a good day so no complaints. I slept peacfully in a double bed, then started off this morning for the Chateau Royal in Blois. Apparently the same one that Catherin De Medichi died in, and Queen Margot use to hide her poisons. The Chateau was older, and more medival in feeling but still full of splendor. The walls were covered in canvas then painted with brilliant patterns and colours. Cool at first but a little dizzying after a while. I will try to post some pictures for you tomorrow.

After the Chateau I made my way to the train station and took a leasurly slow train ride back to Paris. Im in a different hostel as the other one is full for the weekend. The new hostel leaves a lot to be desired, in fact it is one of the dodgy-est places I have ever been. However my new german roommate is very very lovely. She took me on a tour of the Sacre Cur, Monmart, and past the Moulin Rouge. We are cooking together and generaly it was nice to follow someones lead for a wee moment of peace. I didnt have to worry about the directions, what to cook for diner, or any thing. So it kinda felt like a day off.

However tomorrow is a different story, tomorrow I finish my Paris tour with the entire Louve in 1 day!!!!! Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn! Im sure my feet will be soar, but it will be worth it. I am missing every one and send my Love and good wishes.


Aric Clark said...

Don't know if the Louvre can be done in 1 day. Good luck though!

Chip Michael said...

I did the Louvre in less than 2 hours... of course I don't remember anything other than being told not to run twice - but then again, my tour guide wasn't sure why I wanted to see a Museum (he was a tech-geek!).

I was told the area around the Moulin Rouge is dodgy, but I didn't notice at the time, since I was with co-workers.

Eddie Louise said...

Painted canvas wallpaper - cool! It was great talking to you yesterday. You really should write up the sex museum/show conversation for posterity - it is hilarious!!! Love you!