3 February 2010

Lots of Love

I just wanted to say thanks for religiously leaving me comments. It totally helps me feel like Im not alon but rather sharing this trip with the whole family. However I know your busy so if you miss one artical, or dont have anything to say dont feel bad. Im doing ok. I miss you of course, and its nice to hear from you. Also if the pictures are making it too slow just tell me and I can leave them out. I just hate books with out pictures myself. he he he. I love you all very much.



Aric Clark said...

Glad you're doing fine. The pics are good. Don't feel you need to post every day either.

Eddie Louise said...

Yeah well - I for one am waiting anxiously for your posts - the whole living vicariously thing. That being said share what you feel led to - but don't worry about us!

Chip Michael said...

I didn't make it here yesterday.... lots of homework, but you're definitely in my thoughts all the time! I'm glad day two was much better!