17 February 2010

The Train to Praha/Prat/Prag/Praga/Prague

Im jumping forward a week to my journey to Prague, I will post Barcelona and Germany intermitenly when I can.

Its very difficult to find, and book train tickets any where in Europe because the names of places change depending on where you are. For example the Spanish call New York "Nuevo York" because they translate the word new. I object to this, a name is a name and just because a country doesn't have that word in their language it doesn't give them the right to change the word. You would never meet someone named Tom and call him Terry all day, even if the word Tom sounded odd, you would attempt to sound out the letters because that is what his name is. I booked the tickets for Prague in english, my reservation printed in German, but the train signs were in Chezk.

However I am having a delightful train journey none the less. I spent several hours at Inga's trying to decide how I was going to get down to Italy. As today is the last day before Lent I am trying to avoid the Carnival for one more day because I cant afford the hostel prices, and every thing is booked solid. So I had a day or two to kill. The best options I was considering were, Berlin, Prague, Dresden, Munich, or Vienna. I only have 4 days and 3 nights so clearly I wasn't going to do them all. After pain staking efforts on the internet I worked out possible sleeping arrangements, and rail trips, and was trying to decide what suited me best when Inga came home.

I put away the research and we had a lovely tea. Then the horrible debate inside my head reared up; Do I go back online and finalise my plans, or do I go to bed and worry about it in the morning? Believe it or not I actually went to bed. I would like to call this moment an "Aric Moment" because I willingly woke up this morning not knowing where I would sleep tonight. Perhaps I am growing accustomed to traveling and beginning to trust my resourcefulness, or maybe I just feel like crap with this head cold, and gave up caring. Wouldn't it be nice if I could give up stress for Lent? I bet Andrew would love that

Neither her nor there the result is the same. I woke up this morning and booked my Hostel for Prague, packed my bag, tidied Inga's room, left my gifts for the house on the table, and headed for my train. I am currently on a train through some of the most dramatic and beautiful country side I have ever seen.

The train is traveling past a river in a deep ravine, twisting and turning under cliffs covered in snow. There are lovely log cabin type homes scattered on the banks of the river, and ice chunks floating past with the current. I have taken several pictures as the views are like something out of a movie. I have the entire 6 seated cabin to myself so I have my shoes off, relaxing, reading, and hanging out with Henry. Its just brilliant.

I have one night it Prague, then I head to Vienna for 10 hours to wonder around, and then finally to Venice as the peace and quiet of Lent settles in.

I hope you all are well. Lots of Love, xx


Aric Clark said...

Sounds so cool!!! Prague is way up on my list of places I really want to go. I'm envious.

Eddie Louise said...

We are giving up unhealthy eating for Lent - no sugary cereals, no sodas, no 2nd helpings, etc.

Can't wait to hear what you think of Prague and Vienna.

Do you remember your thought that we should just choose places to 'meet up' vacation in? Well - consider these short stop-overs scouting trips!!!

Stacia said...

Sounds like a great part of your trip. Nice to have train room to stretch out!!
Congratulations on saving the planning for later (your 'Aric' moment, hehe). I'm all for planning ahead, but I'm finding it's really good to realize when the planning now will create more stress then a small post-ponement. Enjoy your way to Italy!

Chip Michael said...

It sounds like you're spending a LOT of time on trains. I always thought trains were cool and a particularly great way to see the countryside - which it looks like you're getting to do, too. AND it's not so exhausting for when you have a cold. All around a great day!