5 February 2010

Blois (prunounced like Blwa)

WOW! Today may be a short post cause I didn really do much but wonder around but by far its my favorite!!!!! This tiny little town is every thing I was looking for when I came to see the world. Its a new experience, unique, friendly, historical, charming, inviting, breathtaking, oh wow I just cant describe it to justice. So the tiny town is about 15 min from one side to the other (If and only IF you dont get lost). I was given a map by the lovely man at the hotel with 3 english words but I didnt feel the need to use it once. Today I felt safe and was happy to be lost. First Im the only one in the hotel, so my breakfast will be brought to my room so they dont have to open or clean the dining room, and second I got a room upgrade free of charge! Squeee. The locals here are much more friendly and welcome the chance to learn english. However so far I have heard about 4 english words and I have spoken to about 6 people. But they gesticulate like the Italians and smile so so big that you dont feel guilty at all for not understanding them. In Paris I always spoke english with a bit of an apology behind it, here they love it. They are also much more willing to help you learn french, but Im not sure the phrase I was taught was right, however niether here nor there.

The streets are less wide than ally ways, and they do like to twist and turn. They also love to go up hills and then down them again. No joke, we arent talking hills like Edinburgh, or San Fran. But rather they couldnt be bothered to move that mound of dirt, so the road goes up 4 feet, then down 4 feet. Its not speed mesures either because they are all different shapes and sizes, unmarked, and the pavements follow the same pattern. This happens all over the place. The buildings do it to. The buildings are wooden tudor, and ever so slighty squint or kattywhampus. The churches are freezing cold and massive. Also very old. This one on the left is from the 11 hundreds. The weather was nice so I just wondered. Every time I saw a cool street I would turn down it. I continued this way for almost 3 hours. Stoping to see what was cool, and walking slightly ahead of myself becuase my curiosity was stronger than my patience or lethargy.

I also decided to indulge myself and I bought a chocolate eclaire. I sat in a park eating my ecliare, pausing in between bites to giggle cause it was soooo good I felt slightly naughty for having one, and gazing out over this river that has no name as far as I could find.

Through out this trip I have been troubled by several things that I cant shake; time to fit every thing in, remembering to relax, getting lost and thereby frightened, worried about cash flow and spending allowences, my inability to comunicate effectivly or express myself in a lanuadge they understand. Today I felt none of that. I gave myself the day off from sight seeing so I didnt worry about my time. I wondered not wanting to look at a map but actually enjoying not knowing where I was going. I took 3 hours to stroll, meandor, and take deep breaths so I am much more relaxed and hopefully with sleep as a result. I spent money on a totally endulgent eclaire and didnt pause for a second about weather or not I REALLY wanted one or weather I would have wished I saved the money later. And finally I wasnt afraid to say I dont understand, or gesture wildly like a mime on drugs cause the people were so friendly.

I am going up to the Grand Chateau tomorrow, and then Im gonna try and take some time to find out why Blois has been so successful. I hope I can re-create it cause this is what a trip around the world should be.


Eddie Louise said...

I'm convinced it is the eclair!!

Sounds like an idyllic day!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad you relaxed. Every girl needs an eclair that makes her giggle :) I hope you have more Blois days!

Stacia said...

This day sounds so charming and wonderful! Remember the smells and the quality of sounds there. Those are the things that might get triggered by surprise in future years, and instantly teleport you back to that place and emotion.

Aric Clark said...

That's my sis. If you're having fun - you're doing it right.