2 February 2010

My first young persons Hostel

Arriving at my hostel I was horrified to find a loby covered in Chilli ferry lights and a foozball table in the middle. There were lots of younger folk milling around and most of them had strange hair cuts. Although one man looked like he had never had a hair cut in his life, or a brush for that matter. I specificaly booked a tiny hostel in the middle of no where cause it said it was peacefull, quiet, has a very very early curfew, and the little old lady who ran it would never shut up about Paris history. What were all these crazy bohimiens doing in my peacfull new home? Never mind, after an agonizing climb up 6 floors I found my little rickety and slightly dusty door at the back corner. In the room were two of Korea's most silent people. Bliss! They are very tidy, extremely shy, and bow at me constantly. So I can ignore the crazy lobby and head straite for my silent, sterilized room, where I can pretend that they think Im royalty. Sadly I have not run into the crazy lady yet but so far the hostel will do. A totally French breakfast is included (pastries, crossants, fruit, and lots and lots of Nutella) so I was a happy camper this morning. Very late in the middle of the night a Brazillian from San Paulo arrived. Gabriela and I talked alot about Brazil over breakfast and she is rather lovely. Also a worried traveler, terribly homesick, and about my age so we are getting along and she ofsets any errie silences from the two Koreans so over all Home is nice. Henry is traveling with me and approves of the top bunk as he says "its cool", I am surrviving it.


Aric Clark said...

Sounds like an awesome Hostel to me. :D

Chip Michael said...

First Friend! a good start