13 February 2010

I made it to Barcelona

I had slept like the dead, and Henry was grateful for the double bed because we could spread out and not crush each other so much. I trotted across to the train station feeling bright and ready to chase some Spanish sun. Loe and Behold in the front of the station were the two American lads waving at me. They seemed really happy to see me, and explained their concern that the ticket window only opened 10 min before our train left and they still needed tickets to Barcelona. Then as an after thought they mentioned the great nights sleep and how thankful they were that I could help. I showed them how to make a reservation for a ticket on the automated machines so that when they approached the counter they simply needed them to print a reserved ticket and it speeds things up. They looked at me like I could do magic and were grinning like small children at Disney land.

Of course I had my reservation already buy I also needed a ticket, so I offered to go with them in case they needed translations. When the doors opened a nice young Mexican man (with no French speaking ability) was also waiting for a ticket to Barcelona and he had also been staying overnight in the hotel courtesy of the rail way company. The two Americans recognised him and said he could come up to the counter with us as I spoke French really well. I was mortified that they could even think that, but I guess I wasn't surprised at their idiocy by this point. So I walked up to the nice woman with 3 strays behind me thinking I'm the pride piper of stranded backpackers. Huh, weired, and very cool. I felt good, and kinda a bit it shock. The two bearded ones got their tickets printed no worries, then she printed a ticket for the Mexican and myself. A being the operative word, A as in one, singular ticket with two names on it. We sort of looked at each other and shrugged. She said "you all travel together, no?" Uh yea I guess it was ok for us all to sit together so we took the ticket. She also said that two of us deserved a refund for our reservations because they had to be delayed for a day, so she handed us 12.00. I took it and said thank you and set off for the platform.

I tried to give my nice Mexican seat buddy his 6.00 from the refunded money but he told me to keep it for my translating help. Cool, not only was I the leader of the pack but I made 6 quid from it. I was feeling good. Once on the train the two brothers sat opposite each other so I was forced into sitting next to one of them with the nice Mexican in front of me. I thought to myself, on know I'm going to have to converse with this guy who was so quick to drop me when I was uncool, and then take my help when he discovered I had skills.

Turns out though it wasn't bad. He turned out to be really fascinating and perhaps one of the most philosophical people I will meet on this trip. You can read more about him in my future post on the people of my travels.

As for the train journey it was pleasant. The Pyrenees were not so tall by the cost, however the view of the ocean stretching from the bottom of the cliffs were were gliding along was spectacular. Its a shame I couldn't quiet get a picture. I arrived in Barcelona around noon, and was very glad to be their but also glad that I had that educational detour. And at last I arrived in Barcelona!


Aric Clark said...

Detours are often where the interesting stuff happens.

Eddie Louise said...

I think you have your father's talent for 'flock management'! That is soooo awesome!

Chip Michael said...

You ARE cool... I'm not sure why you think you're not. You're traveling about Europe and gaining a following. How cool is that? Pretty f***ing cool in my book.