9 February 2010

Im safe in Barcelona

No post for today. Its not that I dont have a lot to say about my interesting overnight stay in Perpiniea France, or the philisophical train ride to Barcelona. I would love to post pictures of the Louvre for you, or tell you about the lost day I didnt get to have in Barcelona. However I havent had two min to think, pee, or eat, let alone post any thing. However I am here in my stunningly quiet hostel in Barcelona so dont fret Im safe.

Lots of Love


Stacia said...

Thanks for letting us know you're safe hon. We've been wondering how your train ride went, apparently not so smoothly as hoped. You can tell us about it when you're refreshed though!

I know Sagrada Familia church was mentioned to you, but if you haven't heard of Parque Guell - try to go there too if you have time! It's also designed by Gaudi and is like a pretty gingerbread house fairytale park.

Chip Michael said...

We think of you daily... and glad to know your safe - and really glad you are getting a chance to see the philosophical side of your adventures.