11 February 2010

Time Warp 1 week Back to Blois

Ok so I am now offically one week behind on my online journaling and I think its starting to affect my sanity. The first week was so lovely and touristy the second has been lonely and stressfull. So Im taking over and getting back on track. Starting with my lovely tour of the Chataeu in Blois.

Some of the Renisance style masonry was almost cartoonish. The had a lovely little musee' of all the peices that had been removed from the Chataeu but kept for historical value. This was once a drain gutter, or gargoyl if you will. The Chataue was small comparied to other royal palaces but still the size of a large stately home. It was like a summer Chataeu for the Royal Family. Catherin De Medichi died in her bed in this palace. Personaly for me the painted walls and matching bed linen was all a bit too much pattern.

Like all Royal things every detail was perfect, they spared no expence, even thier musical instruments were ornate. I was also personally fasinated by the Kings private study that had secreat cupboards bult in them. Later in the Chateau's history Queen Margot used these cupboards for storing her poisons, and herbs. (why they didnt think she was a witch I dont know)

The Chateau was quiet, the staff very friendly and welcoming. It was entirely open to the public, and often a bit of a confusing maze as a result. I saw several rooms twice because I would get lost or go through the wrong secret stair case and have to back track. However it was nice to get to see every thing the Chateau had to offer. I was supprised how different the Renisance style was from the Reformation period. This Chateau was more mediaval in feel, dark dramatic colours, and heavy woods. By the time the Royal family in France took up residence in Versails the style was light and fresh. Gold, delecate design with pastel colours and the typical French country feel. It was a lovely contrast to see and the development of the French Royal style.

If I sound like an interior decorator that would be my moms fault! he he he :)

Love you and Miss you all.


Aric Clark said...

Don't worry about not being able to post. If it happens it happens. No pressure - not from us, and you should lay off pressuring yourself. You do that too much.

I like the renaissance style better than the later stuff. It feels a little less 'in your face'.

Eddie Louise said...

With the French it is all about details. You can still see this in the way French women dress - accessories are the key! Sorry for giving you this particular obsession but a fun one to explore in the halls of Europe!

Chip Michael said...

You're getting a good lesson in ages, with an understanding the difference between Renaissance, Reformation and then to Medieval. That's cool. Few people would even know there was a difference, considering all those periods basically interchangeable and yet you can describe what living was like.