11 February 2010

A small walk through Paris

I had a short (only 3 hours) walk through Paris today. Most of the day I was traveling by train back from the Loire Vally so I only felt like a wee evening stroll. I ended up having a bit of a Jackle and Hyde type of stroll.

First I went up to the famous Sacre Coure on the top of the bohimian area of france. A district famous for its acceptence, love, joy, and Art. This massive white church on the hill has spectacular views, and is also lovely inside. Sadly they did not allow you to take any photos inside, and like all famous churches in Paris it was more of a tourist place than a holy place. However The walk up was worth it for the views of Paris and seeing all the artist on the steps painting in oils.

My second stop was to the Moulin Rouge. I did not go in, tickets to the girls show are 125.00. Yeah! Way out of my leage. But I did get a rather good tour of the red light district on the way. Ironicaly these two places are about 15 min apart by foot. I found that charming. I waw strolling with a charming girl from Germany who was pointing out all the cool attractions in a young bright bouncy kinda way. I felt old, and a little behind the times when she had to explain the appeal of so many of them too me.

For exapmle the Musee' de Sexual Historie, I wasnt to sure how any one would know the historical origins of sex. "Once apon a time a cave man hit a cave woman on the head with a stick, then he drug limp body her into the bushes. Then there were more little cave men and cave women...." I mean honestly? Apparently the museum is all about the development of sexual artifacts, toys, and the transitions of sexual trends through out the ages. huh?!?! Of course there was also the live sex show attractions. I thought this would be strippers or the like, but oh contrare! It is a show where you can pay to watch two people have sex on the stage live in front of you, for a mere 40.00 quid!!! Not sure why any one would want to watch this but it seems to be popular as there was a que to get tickets. I had to ask in my nieve way how long the show would last because I would be upset it I paid 40.00 and the guy only made it 8 min. Apparently its a full 2 hour show. Man alive that must be one fit couple. I do hope they move around and try different possisions. How dull watching someone in misionary posistion for 2 hours going at it. I dont know maybe Im not enlightened enough. he he he

Untill next time Lots of love to every one.


Aric Clark said...

Alas, in much of Europe the church's are really museums and tourist attractions - no longer church's.

I think the museum of sex would have been interesting.

Eddie Louise said...

Tanks for writing this one up Baby!