2 February 2010

Paris a much better afternoon.

I finally made it to the touristy bits of Paris and I was feeling much better. Lovely historical buildings, up market shops, and clean public toilets. I headed for Notre Dame first. So here is a little quiz... Which on is Notre Dame?

EXACTLY!!! Its Impossible to tell. So Why did I walk for nearly 8 miles in the rain then had to que to see the inside of a church that was busier than Jenners department store on the first day of January sales, when there were two other stunning churches just around the corner? Im not sure why Notre Dame is famous but it wasnt worth it. The towers dont seem that tall, the inside is far to busy to be peacful or feel like a church. Also the vending machine at the door that turns your penny into a copper suviner totally kills the vibe. However I did see some pretty windows. Then this loud booming voice of God comes over the tanoid and says "SHHHHHHHH! Silence Sill Vous Plait, Be Quiet Please." Much to my horrified suprise it then felt like a church, I did feel like it was a bit sad to have to ask and I was supprised that it made such a difference.

After leaving Notre Dame, I walked along the Sienne. It was cold but very peacfull. I had a wee dance on the shore then wondered through two other stunning churches in the neigborhood. I love the way they paint the walls in churches here, I thought that was just an Italian thing. One of them even had a massive floor heater under a seat in a chappel. So I took some time to pay my respects and warm up a bit. I meandored throught the hisotrical district falling in love with all the iron work balconys on the bulidings, and eventually to the Louve and the Jardin of tullips (non of which are in bloom yet). I did not go in yet, that is on Sunday, but I actually have to admit the entrance is impressive.

So I finally felt like I found the Paris I was expecting. The people arent rude and the nice parts do seem wonderfully historic. My bigest frustration other than map reading, wine drinking, is that I cant read any of the plaques or informational boards found around the city. I feel like Im missing a lot of hisotrical detail not reading French. However the stories I make up in my head are often cool too. Stay tuned for more tomorrow, as for now Im heading to bed!
Love to you all, xxxxx


Aric Clark said...

The main attractions often disappoint. Definitely go off the beaten path. Besides the possibility you'll find something great, anything you DO find will be more satisfying because YOU will have found it.

Eddie Louise said...

Paris can be prickly, but there is a real positive vibe to the city if you will let it claim you. By the end of the week I expect that you will be remembering your French!

Chip Michael said...

In the brief (very) visit Mom and I had to the City we enjoyed the Cafe's. You can sit for hours enjoying a tea and tart and watching the world go by. Plus the food was really good - however very expensive if you're in the touristy areas.

"Notre Dame de Paris is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in the world." from Wikipedia

Imagine this being built 1000 years ago and you should be somewhat amazed.