18 February 2010

The Louvre 3 (3 famous peices)

Today I am focusing on the famous articals with in the Louvre. To be honest I felt that most of them were a bit of a let down. Maybe their reputation has gotten to big and so the real artical was a bit anticlimatic, or maybe I just dont see the attraction. However this one to the left was my favorite of all the famous atractions.

The Winged Victory is what she is called and Like Venus here (to the right), she has no arms. The Winged Victory is standing in a very suductive way, and also appears rather strong. However she was smaller that I thought she should be. I wanted her to loom and be intimidating, but she just wasnt. I felt that the Venus de Milo was less attractive than I had expected. Her tummy is almost square like a mans, and her face is kinda homely.

And that brings me to the not so beautiful woman who is known for her beauty. On the left we Mona Lisa, a terribly plain girl who's hype is so much bigger than the painting herself. For a comparison look at the lovely golden frames in the gallery pictured on the right (none of them famous or important), then look at the big ugly slab of concrete that the Mona Lisa hangs on.
Hmmm? I just felt that she was anticlimatic. So these 3 although the most famous are my least favorite of the Louvre.



Aric Clark said...

The Mona Lisa is famous, not because she's beautiful, but because it is unconventional in style for the period. It is an attempt at portraiture which captures more than her physical looks, but her personality as well. At the time it was impressive. The statues are similarly famous for their artistic innovation, not so much their exemplary beauty.

That being said, I found some pieces in Rome that were both famous and amazing. Bernini's "Teresa in Ecstasy" truly is amazing. Michelangelo's work is often amazing too. Laocoon and the serpernts in the Vatican is impressive.

Eddie Louise said...

So you are not an art for art's sake kind of girl? You seem to always want context or background. That should help you choose art pieces for your own home, because you will be looking for the aesthetic whole - how a piece fits into its surroundings, and not just a pretty picture. I challenge you to be on the look-out for a souvenir that can 'fit-into' your life and be 'art' in the context of your life. For example, in Paris I found a print of an Edwardian advertisement and have 'designed' my bathroom around that print. GrandMary says it is her favorite room in the house. It is the first time I have done something like that and it was really fun to so. It will also give you a unique way to remember this trip - so be on the look-out!

Chip Michael said...

To get an idea as to why these statues are so amazing, try taking a big rock and carving something into it. It's really hard work and not at all forgiving. If you make a mistake there is no going back. With a painting or clay you can always re-do something - but carving in stone is a one shot deal. So, when something is done that is so very lifelike it is amazing.

But.. that said, art is only as good as those who enjoy it say it is. If you didn't enjoy them, they have no real value. It's all subjective.